ASU Holding is commodity trading company with head office in Bratislava, Slovakia and affiliates in United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. ASU Holding operates on non-food and food global markets in order to bring to respective clients high quality products >>


In June 2015 ASU Holding has become official Dealer of SE Artyomsol in Western Europe. SE Artyomsol is the biggest enterprise in salt industry in Europe and has been extracting, processing and marketing salt for more than 130 years >>


ASU Holding always looks for strategic partnership with commodity producers worldwide. Our core interests are metal, wood, pellets, salt, packaging equipment and materials, polymeric materials, also a list of food products >>


Products themselves are important as well as professional banking support of each deal, legal, delivery services we usually provide. That’s why we cooperate with recognized banks, insurance, legal, logistic companies >>

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