Packaging materials



ASU HOLDING proposes high quality packaging materials:

Stretch Films.

It is a new generation packaging material, used for packaging loads on pallets. It assures safety of loads during transportation and storage. Stretch film has an ability to stretch reversibly up to 300%. Using the film guarantees stable fixation of a load on a pallet and helps to preserve marketable condition of products packed.

Strapping Bands.

Strapping band is irreplaceable during load packaging and transportation. We propose PET and PP Strapping band of high quality. Detailed information you can get hereunder.

Wooden and plastic pallets.

Pallet – it’s a tough area of wood or plastic for storage and transportation of products.
We offer international quality wooden pallets EPAL Euro-1.

Adhesive Tapes (Scotches).

Adhesive tape (Scotch) is a tape made of biaxial-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), with an acrylic or caoutchouc adhesive laid on it. It is a versatile polymer packaging material used in industries, warehouses, in everyday life. Because of its simplicity and low price, sticky tape became one of the most popular packaging materials.


Fasteners: to fasten PP and PET strapping band there used dog irons and wire spikes.
Protective corners serve to protect packaging from damage. They are used during packaging with PP and PET strapping band. In some cases a corner protects the strapping band itself from damage and abruption. There are plastic and cardboard corners.
PP Lacing Cord is a very lasting, soft, enduring and easy-to-use material for banding loads and products. It is used for packaging of small-sized and mid-sized loads, parcels, boxes, furniture, in household use. The lacing cord is irreplaceable in agriculture.