Packaging equipment



ASU Holding is official dealer of SIAT packaging equipment.SIAT Company was founded in 1972. Since that time SIAT became world known producer of top class machines for secondary packaging. ASU Holding proposes wide range of SIA packaging equipment – semi automatic and automatic machines.

Full product list:

Case Handling Systems: Case Sealers, Case Erectors, Packing Stations, Taping Units, Ink-jet Printer, Conveyors
Wrapping Systems: Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping machines, Automatic Stretch Wrapping machines, Reel Holder Carriages
Strapping Systems: Strapping Tools, Automatic Strapping machines
Flexographic Printers Systems: Flexographic machines and Accessories
Shrinking Systems: L-Sealers Shrinking machines, Sleeve Wrapping machines
Manual Dispensers: Hand Dispensers, Desk Dispensers, Bag Sealers, Stretch Film Dispensers.