ASU Holding can offer fish supplies, namely: goby fish from the basin of the Sea of Azov, Ukraine (Azov monkey goby), meal and forcemeat of Azov monkey goby.

The products, offered for the supplies are of the second and third categories of consumption.

Second category – fish products, used for the producing of various foods, namely:

— Goby fish (HGT)– is mainly used in canning industry;
— Goby fillet – is used by enterprises for the manufacturing of food products and semi-finished products;
— Forcemeat of goby – is used for cooking meatballs, fish sticks and ravioli.

Third category – lower quality fish products, used in the production of animal feed, namely:

— Fish meal – is used in the production of feed supplements for farms and pets;

Feed forcemeat – is used as animal feed-stuff.


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